Gridiron Glory I: Scrambling, Looking Deep for Purpose

When 29 year old New Jersey Spartans Owner Jeremy Spears looked at college Quarterback T.J. Ripper he didn’t see the dark past that would shove him out of the early rounds of the Global Football League Draft. He saw a…


Really impressed by this genre and book!

I absolutely love movies like Gridiron Gang and The Blind Side, but I haven’t ventured too much into the sports genre when it comes to books. I’m an avid reader so I thought I would give this one a try and I thoroughly enjoyed it! T.J. Ripper’s character is one to be admired. He has so much determination and drive, but his life hasn’t made that easy for him. Some of the ladies in his life aren’t the best of influences and it’s up to him to not let that get in the way of his football career and taking his team to victory. Overall, a really great action book for any football fans out there!

is a Great book each chapter kept me on edge….

Gridiron Glory:Scrambling looking deep for Purpose, is a Great book each chapter kept me on edge to read more the better the book got . I would Recommend reading this book to anyone who loves football or just reading, its Great!! !

I love this author

Once again, Kevon Brown has done it for me! I love this author! In this book, he shows us that the world of football isn’t always what we think. I like the way that Brown focused on the way Shroud is trying to get his company off of the ground and help to get these players in the game that they love. From the very beginning of this book, I was drawn in by the details and the characters. The way that they relate and speak to each other is so real and true. It hits you in the right places

Fantastic Novel

The novel was quickly paced with action, romance, and football. The characters were all really well developed and I could really feel TJ’s struggle to overcome his past. I felt like I knew everyone personally and I’m a fan of the author’s writing style because it flowed well bringing the story to life making it really enjoyable to read and experience. The dialogue was nicely balanced between all the characters and had me intrigued with the story from the very beginning. I’m glad I found this book and I would highly recommend it.

A Fun and Fast Moving Ride of a Book

Brown’s Gridiron Glory is a fast-moving thrill ride for football lovers who also love a good book. Readers who love a great story with engaging story will be able to get into the book and relate to the characters on a non-football level while readers who are also sports fans will also get sucked into the passion and pressure of a professional football season. From start to finish, the characters and scenes are woven together in a way that fleshes out the world Brown creates while still allowing for depth in plot and character. Whether you’re passing time until the next game starts, just looking for a good book, or a long-time fan of inspirational sports movies built around engaging teams and characters, you’ll find something to pull you into this book.

If it sounds at all appealing, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It has a little bit of everything, genre-wise, and moves so quickly that it’s nearly impossible to put down.

My Perception of the Game is Changed

I have always liked the way Kevon Brown develops his characters. His skill at character development is just as good as his style of unfolding his story. In one book, Gridiron Glory, Kevon creatively puts his readers in the shoes of these sportsmen, making us see what they pas through. My perception of the game will never remain the same. Because of the intrigue in this book, I join the players in my mind even as I understand and empathize with their battles.

Great sports fiction

I have always been a sports fan and football is one of my favorite sports to watch, talk about, and read about. This even carries through into the pages of fiction so I pre-ordered “Gridiron Glory” as the story line was one that intrigued me. The story of a fictional football league and, specifically, the New Jersey Spartans. The team has a young owner and a rookie quarterback, T.J. Ripper, with a troubled past. There are some suspenseful elements to this story which definitely make it a page-turner and the sports element is played (pun intended) very well. This was a very well-written and well executed story with great characters that I could easily relate to. Recommended.

Vivid Sports Read

It’s a great read for those who live in the realm of sports, especially football. While it is centered around the game of football, there is a definitive plot with very human characters at its center. Each character has a distinct voice that you get to know on a personal level throughout the book. It’s a story loaded with jargon and scenarios that perfectly mirror the sports world. There were times where I felt like I was actually watching ESPN, but then stepping into the reality of the world and the people that the sportscasters were discussing. Very interesting read for someone like me who would not initially have picked up this book.