Sex, Drugs and Midterm Exams I: Drunk, Dazed and Confused

Who am I? What is my purpose? The questions cycled through their minds as they unpacked their bags into their new dorm rooms on campus. Gabrielle Hunter is a shy girl, pent up with ambitions that she hopes will make…


Five Stars

I love it, great work. Keep it up

Excellent read for a young adult

‘Sex, Drugs and Midterm Exams’, by Kevon Brown – This was an interesting book that I read in three days. The story revolves around four college students Gabby, Theo, Maddy and Jason, as main characters and some well rounded supporting characters. They each have their own issues to deal with and their own ways of going about it. The characters are well rounded and interesting. I could place my young adult children in their situations and felt for each of them. While there were times that I as a middle aged woman could not relate to some of the language, that is a minor issue and once I asked my son about the phrases he thought they were very well written as well. Overall, this is a story about hope, loss and redemption and should be given a try.

Great potential

Kevon Brown’s Sex, Drugs and Midterm Exams: Drunk, Dazed and Confused is a story with great potential. It follows the lives of several young people during their freshmen year of college as they begin to discover who they are while going through the growing pains of being away from home for the first time.

There are several principal characters. Gabby is a shy, young woman who wants to be an attorney like her father but is plagued with doubts about herself and where she fits in the world. Maddy is an outgoing, ambitious young woman who studies hard and parties hard too. Theo is an enterprising young man who wants to be rich one day; this leads him into some dangerous waters. Jason is a spoiled, rich kid who is a little lost in the world and uses swagger and an arrogant attitude to hide that fact. There are also a lot of secondary characters that create this rich world at the EAU campus.

The book could use a lot of work. There are grammar, punctuation, and style mistakes all over the place. The structure of the story could use some polishing as well. Sometimes there is a little too much detail given to minor events and not enough detail for the significant events in a character’s life. It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here.

I was given a free copy of this book so I could review it. Am I glad I read it? Yes. Would I pay $1.99 to read it? I’m not so sure. If you enjoy contemporary fiction for young adults and are not bothered by poor editing and an unpolished story line I can definitely say you will enjoy this book. If you are a reader that is easily annoyed by those things, this book will be more of a challenge for you, but I believe you will still enjoy the read.

This is a book which has no dull moment

‘Sex, Drugs and Midterm Exams’, by Kevon Brown – This is a book which has no dull moment, has content which keeps the reader buckled to the seat. The story revolves around four college students Gabby, Theo, Maddy and Jason. Each of them going through their own struggles. The book is irresistibly emphatic and the words are woven with magic. The characters are developed amazingly-well, coming from all walks of life, and you will surely get attached to one of them more than the others – Theo in my case.
Being son of a mechanic who worked his socks off to get him into college, Theo totally gets my attention and I start to visualize his life and his struggles, because it is written so well.
Gabby has a very strict mother and her story is also very appealing. Trying to emulate her father, who is a lawyer, she knows the road is rough ahead and she needs to toughen up to travel the distance. Her roommate, Tanisha, makes things difficult for her, but how she deals with them is very interesting.
Maddy, a very gifted student with an amazing mind and staunch to her tasks also draws total attention. Never a dull moment with her either. Her mother, just recently divorced, also lingers at the edge of her thoughts.
Jason, son of royalty, has made his way in because of his father’s donations to the campus. He also has his segments where he dominates my attention and makes me want to read more about him.
Overall, the book is admirably written by this young, but exceptionally gifted writer. I came to know the characters very well as though I also lived through their experiences while reading about them. Such is the quality of his magic. A must read I would say.

Face paced and well written!

Sex, Drugs, and Midterm Exams was a great read featuring several college students and the different paths they all take. Each path seems to lead to each other in some way and it makes for an exciting time. It was fast paced and well written!

Gabrielle is a shy girl studying to become a lawyer like her father. She’s not the outgoing type due to the fact that her mother sheltered her through the church her entire life. Now, she is looking to branch out and live life the way she chooses.

Madison is a star student who is dedicated to her studies, but is not afraid to go out and party when she feels the need. She meets up with Gabby through chance when they run into each other on campus and are then forced to work on a project in a mutual class. They quickly become friends even though they were a pair no one would have ever guessed would mesh. Not even themselves.

Theodore is hoping to become the next big business man and make his father proud. He is also the one person anyone on campus can come to for drugs or basically anything you need to buy. He quickly spots Gabby and is instantly attracted to her.

Jason is the pretty boy whose father is one of the biggest donors of the college EAU. Therefore, Jason pretty much gets to do whatever he wants. He is a ladies man and of course Madison finds herself falling for him.

I enjoyed this title and find Kevon Brown to be a great author. His story line stayed true throughout and his writing style was thorough, yet to the point. It was fun to read the experiences of the different college students and how each one led such different lives, but eventually ended up with each other.

Overall, I rate this title with 4 stars!

It’s okay. Needs work.

The story is interesting. Something many can relate to at one point in their lives whether they knew someone like one of the characters or were one of the characters themselves. College is a great place to self explore and begin to find out who you really are. The characters’ experiences are very realistic.

But the book moves a bit slow compared to other books in the same categories. Much is do to the character head hopping and the abundance of details. The author has a great plot but needs work to make if flow better. At times the characters felt too young while other times they felt to be on target with their age and experience. Also, there are too many characters to follow. At times I couldn’t keep each character’s story straight.

There is my 18 year 🙂

Book is well written, sends fresh air of original characters, which are developing fast into interesting personalities. Book’s pace is flowing rapidly from one scene to another bringing more and more interesting details to reader. Book is really page turner and the end is leaving us to wait for new meeting with heroes, who became our new friends. I’d put 5 stars on it and recommend it to anyone who is looking for good story of students’ life. Even older people can enjoy this book as reminder of their University’s years.

Definite Recommendation

Sex, Drug, and Midterm Exams is a realistic look into the life of several college students. This is a fast paced story that keeps a reader interested. The characters are well developed and relatable. Everyone can relate to or has experienced the life of these young people. The drama and angst they face makes them even more likable. The story, like real life is not complete. I look forward to the next installment in the life of these characters.

Jason is campus royalty. His rich father with his large donations paves the way. Unfortunately, dear old dad has impossible expectations as well. How will Jason cope with the pressure?

Theo has watched his father work hard all his life. His quick wit and business sense put him on a slippery slope as he tries to use his skills to make his life more comfortable. Will he be able to keep up with all the demands or will he fail, or worse?

Maddy is a problem solver. She sees something that needs fixed and she goes into action. She loves her mother and their visits are the highlight of her week. She meets Gabby and decides that it will be her mission to get this shy girl to relax and have fun.

Gabby knows what she wants. Unfortunately there are obstacles in her way, including an overbearing mother, an overzealous new friend, and an unwanted suitor. Can she keep focused on her goal?

A great read about college students exploring life

Sex, Drugs, and Midterm Exams is a great read about college students who are exploring life, love, and many different choices. The characters are incredibly well developed and I felt like I wanted to hang out with them on a regular basis.
Through reading this book, I feel like I got very close to Madison and Gabby. The two of these characters are incredibly different in the way they were raised, but when they are put together in a class group, you can really see them bring different parts out of each other. Brown’s description of their growing friendship is one that will stay with me again and again.
I cannot say enough how I like Brown’s writing style and how well paced this book is. I do hope he writes a sequel.
5 stars

I would have loved to see more humour

I must commend the skill employed by the author in unfolding the story in this epic novel “Sex, Drugs and Midterm Exams”. For instance, the first chapter begins with Gabby getting ready for college at East American University – with the author withholding further information. This keeps readers in suspense. Another thing worth noting is the variety of characters the author created and the unpredictable way he reveals their backgrounds. An example is Maddy and Gabby discussing their family background.

Although there were some humorous moments here and there, I would have loved to see more humour; I guess this is the reason I give this book a four star instead of five. the last few chapters lacked as much humour as the earlies and middle chapters. Just a little bit of more humour will do.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea if the book is proofread again. Though extremely minimal – and this is very much laudable – I was able to pick out a few errors that are as a result of the misuse of words. Just minimal anyway.

I cannot wait to see what becomes of Theodore and Gabby, as well as Kirk, Antwan, Maddy, Alex and the many beautiful characters the author created. I believe that the second installment in this series will blow many minds. In general, this work ranks among my all time top 5 college romance books.

Good job Kevon Brown. Good job!