Sex, Drugs and Midterm Exams II: Tripping on Ambition with a Damaged Soul


When the very ground you stand on falls apart, who do you turn to? In their sophomore year, Gabby and her friends slip and grab whatever they can hold onto as they look for an identity away from their families.…
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After reading Kevon’s first in this series, I was very excited to see just what he had in store for his readers. I can honestly say that his book DID surprise me! I love how dark it is and I love how he has started to further develop these characters. Theo, Gabby, Maddy, and Jason are right where he left them in the first book. It is great to see them explore more and to grow into older adults. With the addition of the characters, Quincy and Theo’s father, we can see more about how this story goes on. I love the growth that Maddy shows us throughout the book and watching Jason go through his ups and downs was a highlight for me!
Love this book series. I hope there will be a part III. I read this book in 2 days…I couldn’t put it down!!!
As a 40 something Midwestern woman, I didn’t have much reference for the settings of Kevons books when I first encountered them, but now I recommend them to my Sociology classmates. I have since graduated with dual PhDs in criminology and behavioral science and now have some understanding of the inner city issues, these books while sometimes dark and gritty and with the seeming misspelled words and grammar errors, shines a light on those inner city issues in an entertaining manner. Kevon Brown is a very intelligent, articulate young man and will make his mark in the writing world. I fully endorse these books as a sociological and anthropological glimpse into the inner city of our times that most of us will never see.,
Having read the initial installment in the series, I was one of those readers who were seriously looking out for the next book in the series. As a young adult – in my mid twenties – it is understandable that I am obviously still intrigued by the life of teens which I escaped a few years ago. Be that as it may, Kevon brings those sweet memories to life through this series. For me; as a readers, it was all about the author’s ability to reconcile me and my past. Although the first book created the hunger in me, I’d say this installment further fed my curiosity. I can only hope that the series take a better turn from here. In ending, I’d like to appreciate the author – whoever he is, and wherever he is – for beautifully discussing two important aspects of teen life: sex and drugs.