Shadow Vanadium Assassins II: Hookers and Legislation


Vance and Garrett continue to hunt down their fellow Anconcagua brothers and sisters as the political stakes continue to rise with Vitaly and Dr. McClain pulling strings on Capitol Hill in the United States. In Master Hiang’s relentless slaughter of…
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I love that Brown jumps right into the action

I love that Brown jumps right into the action at the beginning of the second book of this series. There is no time wasted and I was immediately excited about reading. I am such a fan of the way Brown develops his characters and this book is no different. The characters speak to me in so many ways. For example, when they are in Rio, I remembered just how well written Master Hiang is. I have truly grown to love his character!
This plot really makes me enjoy the second book in the series. I was on the edge of my seat most of the time and I really am glad that the detail about specific fights is still included in the book. I love Brown’s style of writing and I cannot wait to read this book over again!

What a twist!!

Great plot and the characters were really well developed. Within each introduction I was vested in that character right away. The multiple character vignettes and intertwining them was well established. Oh my GOD! Typically a plot twist is hinted at throughout and the detail is makes it a twist, NOT with Kevon Brown…I didn’t even see it coming. I’m still blown away. The fight scenes are done excellently, I can be squeamish with too much detail but Brown balanced it nicely with enough detail to lend a good visual but sometimes I was a little lost between who was doing what. Overall, great book and definitely recommended it to friends already.